1)GOAT MILK SOAP FOR SKIN CARE. 2)Frozen raw goat milk in bulk for pet food or cosmetics products. 3) SNACKS GOAT MILK(Halal ).OEM MANUFACTURE PRODUCTS.PRIVATE LABEL.3/1Cookies goat milk .3/2Crouton caramel goat milk.4/1Biscuits cracker goat milk. 4/2Biscuits cream goat milk4/3Wafer cream goat milk .
4) BISCUITS AND WAFER OEM (Halal)Manufacture products (HACCP). Private labels .

Naturally goat milk 20% sterilized.Cosmetics specialists advised processing with premiun grade liquid soap. Finished milking Saanen goat every morning. Frozen goat milk naturally in refrigerator specifically.


A) 3,000bottles(minimum)
B) 5,000 up.

Be able to mix all bottles size. LCL sea freight shipment C&F price.

PAYMENT. Deposit TT 30%. Full amount B.L at Sight. Original B.L and Certificate sent to customer by DHL. LABEL customer’s design or private label are avaliable 4 colors. Shipping mark one color.

BOTTLE SIZE 150, 250, 300ml easy open or dispensing pump. For 500, 750, 1,000 ml dispensing pump only. Aluminium screw cap have been closed all bottles. Dispensing pump will be packed in each carton separately.

CARTONstrong or high standard carton will make sure for long distance distribution. WOOD PALLET will packed each size of bottles for shipment LCL sea freight . Due to unbroken cartons and bottles.

Wood pallet standard certificated. IPPC TH 0841 HT.
SCENT : natural, vanila, apple, leech lime.
BOTTLES COLOUR : navy blue, light brown, white, green


Saanen goat milk grass -fed. Department of Livestock Development advised and checked high quality for antibiotics and bacteria .According to safety and standard programs . Regularly veterinary will checked sick or unhealthy goat milk .Separately antibiotics are administered .All goat milk antibiotics are discarded the rest. No objectionable flavor or odor. No artificial colours. No homicides.
Packing 5kg/carton (1kg/pcs) .Carton size( for shipping mark) 23 *46 *20cm

3) GOAT MILK SNACK OEM MANUFACTURER PRODUCTS.(Halal)Private label. 3/1)Cookies Saanen goat milk . 3/2)Crouton coated goat milk caramel.

Packaging ; Aluminum foil 18-20gr/piece (size 6*6cm)10piece /box.10 boxs/carton( 144 piece /ctn ) .Carton size (shipping mark )22.5*56*25 cm
Minimum order ; container 20ft 900 cartons(129,600pcs).Combined both items.Shelf life 12 months fresh production.Wood pallet floor only.( Wood pallets Certificated IPPC)
Production capacity;3 containers( 20 ft )/ month.
Payment term; FOB TT deposit 30%.Full amount on loading date.

4) BISCUITS AND WAFER OEM (Halal)Manufacture products (HACCP). Private labels .

4/1 Biscuits cracker with goat milk. Weight 90gr 16bars/pack ,48packs/ctn. Packaging OPP+MCCP Matalite size 26*28cm. Weight 6 kg/ctn, carton size(shipping mark )23*50*35cm.

4/2 Biscuits with cream goat milk .Weight 90gr ,12bars/pack ,48packs/ctn.Packaging OPP+MCPP Metalite size 26*29 cm.Weight 6kg/ctn .Carton size( shipping mark )24*50*37cm

4/3 Wafer cream goat milk. Packaging 90gr(3.17 oz)/bar ;12bars / pack .48 packs/carton. Weight 45gr 8bars/pack 48packs/ctn .Packaging OPP+MCPPsize 23*23cm. 5.5kg/ctn. Carton size(shipping mark ) 21* 38 *32cm

Minimum purchasing order ; container 20ft mix all items. Fresh stock 12 months expiry. None preservatives.
Production capacity; 6 containers (20ft/)month.
Payment term;FOB price .Deposit 30% full amount on loading date. Shipment 20days after TT and label designed. Pallet floor only (wood pallets certificated IPPC.)

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Department of Livestock Development registered and approved Goat milk farm grade A no 601046 GBRA 02 .No animal disease;(BRUCELLOSIS)